Artist impression of 'The Raining Death'

Artists impression of 'The Raining Death'

Evil puffle's were first discoverd in the year 500AD but no one know's who found them first.Some say the evil puffle ATE the penguin who found it.These creatures have massive fangs,up to 4 inches long!All of them have something in common,a huge slash across thier face's.They can be any color,but tend to be more White puffles than any other puffle.The most rarest evil puffle ever found was called 'The Raining Death'(Its real name was actually Zoom-Ultimate) because of it's incredible Rainbow coloring.The largest(Called Death Beanie)was 1 metre high,and no one dared try to find this beast!The smallest(Called Small)was only 10cm high.


Some people find that finding these creatures are to dangerous,while some daring one's went to find The Raining Death.None returned.This is the story of how evil puffle's were carried(like a diesese)to Club penguin.

One day at sea Rockhopper had just spotted an island and was very exieted.He landed on the island and saw lots of little puff balls that were scared to death of him.He decided just to quickly get back to Club penguin.As he went,he didn't notice he had an extra visitor on board........(This isn't the full story.The full one is to long for me to write here!)


Bath:Baths normally,but in blood instead of water.

Food:Will not eat the food in the bowl so it kills another puffle and eats instead.Food in the wild would probably be the same along side regular puffle fare,nectar,nuts and O-berry's.

Special abilitie's:Huge fangs(up to 4 inches long)that it sinks into the necks of other animal's.It can be any color but doesn't inherit the power's of that puffle.

Distintive features:They are VERY scary and you can see their fang's.If you've bought one by mistake it will have a slash across it's face and it will also be very mean to other puffle's.

Rarity:1RP(What!?)They are very common unfortionly.

Amout in the wild:over 20,000,000,000,000,000,999,990,324 on puffle island.200 in Club Penguin.

Play:Gets a gun and starts shooting everything.


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